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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I go about registering for your company?

    First, we ask you to send us your resume, either by fax or email. Our fax and email information are located on our Contact page. After your resume has been received and reviewed, one of our recruiters will give you a call to set up an appointment for a phone interview. When you register we will need the following:

    • Two forms of ID Proof
    • Contact information for two previous employers who we can call to get references
    • Another copy of your resume; and if you are looking for work in Allied Health or Nursing
    • Copies of your immunizations, MMR, Hepatitis-B (3 series) Varicella, and TB records within one year or chest X-ray within three years
    • Copy of license or certificate
    • Click here to register for our company
  • Looking to address a specific department?
  • When are time slips due and paychecks available
    for pick up?

    Time slips must be received by our Payroll Department no later than 3:00 pm on Monday.Timecards may be faxed to 617-536-7975 or emailed to If you fax or email your time slip, it is a good idea to call or email Payroll and make sure that it was received. If a time slip is not received by the deadline, your payroll check will be processed the following week.Your check should be deposited in your bank account Friday morning.

  • When would I receive overtime?

    Each Facility has its own guidelines, speak with your recruiter.

  • Is direct deposit available?

    Yes. Compunnel Healthcare offers direct deposit to all its active employees to the bank of your choice! Funds directly deposited will be available to you on Fridays. To start direct deposit of your paycheck please furnish Compunnel Healthcare with a blank voided check from your account with your social security number written clearly on the check. Please request a bank form if you don't have a check available. Be aware that Compunnel Healthcare will be on a strict schedule to submit direct deposit information to the bank on a weekly basis. To assure that your paycheck is directly deposited to your account you MUST have your time sheet turned into Compunnel Healthcare payroll by 3pm on Mondays!

  • Am I eligible for family and medical leave?

    Yes. Speak with Human Resources:

  • If I work on a holiday, do I receive holiday pay?

    Holiday pay will be paid to those employees approved to work on any holiday recognized by the client. For more details, please feel free to reach out to your recruiter or email our HR Department at